Propel Trampoline T-BRACKET (TYPE A)

  • Fits All Propel Trampolines (Excluding PTS55″-RE and P7′ models)
  • Genuine Propel Trampoline Part
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Dimensions: 4.3/8″ H x 3.5/16″ L x 1.5/8″ W

The Propel Trampoline T-Bracket (Type A) is compatible with all Propel Trampolines (Excluding PTS55-RE). This is part of the Propel Trampoline frame. The T-Bracket (Type A) connects the top frame tubes along with the leg tubes of the trampoline and is compatible with all Propel Trampoline models. (Excluding PTS55-RE)


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