About Us

Propel Trampolines was established in 2006. Our owners have been in the trampoline business for 25 plus years. We are a company that is founded upon quality values and principles, and we feel honesty and integrity are an important part of our company. We are known as one of the safest, bounciest trampolines on the market! Our trampolines have an ultra-smooth bounce, controlled by galvanized steel springs, and an Impact-Absorbent Enclosure System. Plus, they have a thick Sure-Lock frame pad. Propel Trampolines reaches the paramount of safety. With our engineered steel joint brackets to speed assembly and increase stability, your Propel Trampoline is sure to provide hours of satisfaction and delight throughout the seasons.

What makes a Propel Trampoline the best? All Propel Trampolines have a number of advanced safety, stability and durability futures, including:

  • Impact absorbent response system
    • The enclosure attaches to each of the 6 padded enclosure poles with a high-strength bungee. Because of this, if your child hits the enclosure they will be presented with a sturdy yet soft and absorbent response, not the “brick wall” effect you get from the other brands.
  • Sure-lock safety pad.
    • The thick safety pad is kept in place by 6 holes which the corresponding enclosure poles feed through before attaching to the frame. This keeps the pad in place in any weather.
  • T-Bracket technologies.
    • The advanced T-bracket system prevents the frame from twisting while increasing overall stability and the T-Brackets lock into 6 strong legs.