“StormRider” Trampoline Anchor Kit (Fits All Trampolines)

Our StormRider Anchor kit When used correctly can help prevent costly damage to your trampoline.

  • Trampoline Anchor Kit | Strong Nylon Strapping | Three 18″ galvanized steel stakes
  • Fits all Trampoline Brands
  • Super Holding Strength – Tested, See a customers Video on our Facebook Page. 
  • Easy to Install 


Warning; The installation and use of an anchor kit does not guarantee your trampoline will not be damaged by wind or other severe weather. Many factors influence the effectiveness of this product including soil types. If using this product in sandy or loose soil or in a high wind area it is recommended you purchase and use Two Anchor Kits! As well as taking other precautions including, but not limited to, disassembling trampoline during times of inclement weather. Using an Anchor kit is not an insurance policy and will not add additional warranty benefits to your trampoline. Propel Trampolines, including its retailers and affiliates, will not be held responsible for damages to persons or property as a result of the failure of this product.


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